Would you like me to design a bespoke Master Ad Plan for you to generate a 300%+ return?

Let Tom walk you through how YouTube ads could work for your company

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The official stats from YouTube tell us that 9 times out 10 brands are nowhere to be seen when their customers are searching for them. With the huge opportunity of YouTube's 5 billion views every single day, surely the big boys would have mastered it by now?

Turns out, they haven't.

Why is everyone failing?

Google studied that very question and their conclusion was this - brands don't know what to do or how to do it. And Google are right.

However, this is not exclusive to the big brands. Entrepreneurs and smaller business owners are in the same boat. It turns out that only a very small proportion of people that try out YouTube ads every really succeed.

What Do You Need To Do?

Having run 1000's of video ad campaigns on YouTube for some of the biggest names in various industries, the team and I are proud to say we're getting pretty good at this video ad stuff.

If we really simplify it, to succeed with video ads, you need to be there for your customers AND be helpful when it matters. Most businesses fail horribly at either one or both of these 2 steps.

When we dig a little deeper, if the objective is to generate leads, customers and sales at a high profit (that's what we're good at), then it really boils down to just 6 or 7 different types of campaigns that could work for you.

The trick is knowing the best campaign to get started with.

Now, it's different for every business because the way you target your audience, the offer you promote and the video ad you create will all depend on the type of business you run.

That's why we created the Master Ad Plan Session or MAP Session.

How Does Your MAP Session Work?

We break the MAP session down into 3 phases as illustrated below:

Phase 1 - Recon

First I send you a 2-30 min "recon" questionnaire so I can find out everything I need to know about your business so I can see what video ad campaigns will be right for you.

Phase 2 - Strategy

Once I've done a "deep dive" into your business, me and the team record you a series of personalised videos, covering areas such as how to target your customers, what type of video ad would be best for you, a review of your funnel and much more.

You'll be able to see exactly what I would do if I were you. I'll show you what to do to get started and I'll let you know how to go about it so it gives you the pathway to video ad success.

Phase 3 - 1-to-1

Once you've watched all the bespoke, personalised videos recorded for you, along with my advice on how to get the very best from your video advertising, you'll be able to arrange a 1-to-1 call to go through any questions you might have, review anything I may not have seen yet and also talk about how to implement these strategies and next steps.

How To Get Started

Your investment for a MAP session with Tom is just $850.

Yeah, you might be thinking that is a very good price for all that work (and you'd be right!). But here's the thing - for the right business owner, this $850 investment might just change the way you attract and close leads forever.

Let's just imagine for a second that after our MAP session, your video ad campaigns are built and within a short space of time you're getting the same results as our current clients and hitting 300% returns. At that point, a few things happen...

  1. I will be genuinely ecstatic that you're nailing it - it's why I do what I do, so you can bring your best work into the world.
  2. You'll probably want more and we'll do more business together
  3. When you get great results and tell the world, it helps us move towards our goal of becoming the best results-driven agencies in the world. Yeah, I know, a lofty goal, but we're prepared for the challenge!

So really, this $850 investment is really just the start of something big. It's going to kickstart a new journey for your business and who knows, might just be the turning point you look back on in a few years time with pride.

However, let's not forget, advertising comes with it's risks. There's no "bulletproof formula" or "magic button". I am not a miracle worker. There is a very real possibility that it may not work as well as we all expected. But you know that. And $850 shouldn't be a huge risk for you - if it is, please don't take us up on the offer!

You're In Safe Hands.

If you're not totally happy with your MAP Session, for any reason, let us know and we'll refund you in full, no questions asked.

However, please don't invest if...

  1. You're expecting to invest $850 and your life to change overnight. There will be work ahead. There will be ups and downs - advertising is not always smooth sailing.
  2. You've not been running your business for more than 2 years.
  3. You've never been able to turn your website traffic into customers.
  4. You're a weirdo 😉 I'm only kidding... (kinda).

What Some Of Our Clients Think...

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